Research into stress levels of parents of a child with additional needs

Dr Kristen Maglieri and Professor Brian Hughes from the School of Psychology at the NUIG Galway are recruiting couples to complete an online research study exploring how parents in a relationship (married or unmarried) cope with the daily stresses of raising a child with an Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or genetic disorders such as Fragile X, Down syndrome, or Prader Willi syndrome.
Much of the previous research on stress and coping has focused on how individual parents cope, and the vast majority of the respondents have been mums. We need to understand how dads cope and also how mums and dads cope together in a family system. It’s clear that families of children with disabilities confront significant challenges, but it’s also clear that these families do not all experience the same level of stress. We are trying to find out what makes the difference.
The questionnaire is available at and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Each parent independently completes the questionnaire. However, you can still participate, even if their partner does not wish to participate. This study is for parents who have children or adult children who live at home.
Please contact Dr. Kristen Maglieri at [email protected] or +353 87 363 8448 for more information. Parents can also request a paper copy of the survey.

I asked Dr Maglieri about the length of the survey (who has half an hour to do ANOTHER survey!!) and this is her response: “Yes, it is a longer study than usual and I think it has been harder to get folks to participate because of it. But, it’s always a trade off with research, if you don’t ask enough questions, than you can’t say very much about the data. Hopefully, some of your members will complete it. Please encourage couples to participate, I’d really like to give dads a voice!”
Treat yourselves to something nice after! This is important research and one we can all benefit from!