Summer’s over!

What a busy summer we’ve had in SNAP! Lots of activities and events and loads of new members! Welcome everyone!

Since everyone is in back to school mode, SNAP is fairly quiet at the moment but we’re not sitting on our laurals! Amanda and Colleen are organising a night of information for parents about the possible benefits and uses for CBD oil, at the end of Sept / start of Oct.

Music Therapy with Edel from Music Therapy Network continues on a Wednesday afternoon. Contact Michael James (086 829 5938) if you want to be added to the Whatsapp group.

In August, SNAP got news that we were successful in our National Lottery Grant application, (thanks a million to Barry for filling in the form!), receiving funds specifically for Carolyn to attend Festina Lente and for more silbing workshops and play therapy for our kids siblings! Wonderful! Thanks Barry!

Another piece of news from SNAP, is that we are sponsoring Carolyn, from Oak Tree Stables, to attend the Festina Lente equine therapy training in Bray, beginning in Sept. This course is highly sought-after and we’re really hoping most of our old and new members will benefit from her new skills!

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