Neal’s Yard pampering and social night for SNAP parents!!

“Happy Hands & Smiling Faces”
Thursday 15th June, 7 – 9pm in SNAP, Lios Dubh
Helen, a qualified beauty therapist (The Urban Sanctuary) & Louise, an independent consultant for NYR (Neal’s Yard Remedies) will be there for the evening to treat and pamper us!
The evening will include:
• mini facial approx 15 mins – cleanse, tone, either scrub or face mask, moisturise. Helen will bring her therapist couch for this.
• hand & lower arm massage – gentle exfoliation, massage & moisturise. This can be done in an ordinary chair with a table.
• a table with various products for men & women to try out on themselves or each other – face mask, scrubs, moisturiser, essential oils, also mirrors/cotton pads/water
• we’ll have a diffuser wafting out beautiful smells from essential oils
• a hamper of products & an Urban Sanctuary voucher to raffle.
• a table of brochures & samples
• a selection of items available to buy on the night!!
The evening is free, but SNAP will have a donation bucket and the raffle tickets will be €2 per ticket.