Music Therapy Network Easter sessions

On Wed. 28th March and Wed. 4th April, Edel from Music Therapy Network, will do a group music session for those who don’t avail of the 1-on-1 sessions she has been doing for us.

This will be from 2.30-3.15pm and will be €5 per child or €10 per family, payable to Edel.

After the group session, Edel will do two 1-on-1 sessions each Wed. from 3.45-4.15 and 4.30-5pm.

Please let Fiona (086 8405216) know ASAP if you’re interested in the group or the 1-on-1 sessions and who will be attending.

There are currently 7 SNAP kids attending the ongoing 1-on-1 sessions that Michael James (086 8295938) is organising through a separate Whatsapp group. These 4 Easter 1-on-1 sessions would be aimed at members who haven’t tried the music with Edel before, or those who want to come back.

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