Easter Holidays events and activities

We’ll be having a number of things happening in SNAP over the Easter holidays.

The definite dates are:

Wed. 12th April – bouncy castle: 11am – 3pm (€3 per sibling or €5 per family)

Thurs. 13th April – karate sample morning (see other news post)

Sat. 15th April – Family Easter Egg Hunt (see other news post) then back to SNAP for a cuppa and a chat!

Thurs. 20th April – Wooly Ward’s Farm: 2-3pm (€3 per sibling or €5 per family)

Fri. 21st April – Gymboree music and games: 11.30am – 12.30pm and mix ‘n’ chill baking: 1 – 3pm (€3 per sibling or €5 per family – covers both events)

We’ll have a free play morning on Wed. 19th (11am – 1pm) and afternoon on Fri. 21st (2 – 4pm during / after the buns!) to allow the tired parents have a cuppa and a catch-up!

Keep an eye on the calendar and on FB. We’ll text those that aren’t on FB too, so no one misses out!