Music Therapy Network 1-on-1 sessions: Jan & Feb 2018

Edel, from MTN has continued with the strong, responsive group of kids, doing 1-on-1 music therapy sessions every Wednesday evening in Lios Dubh. We have reduced the amount of sessions per day from 3 back to 2 but it is still open to all members. If any members who haven’t experienced it, want to come on board in 2018, contact Fiona. If any of those that have attended already would like to write a review or description of how their child has benefited, to give any prospective members an idea of what to expect, send it to the snap email address, [email protected].

The sessions are a half hour long (3.45 – 4.15 and 4.30 – 5pm) and only cost €10 per session for SNAP members.