The task of raising a large sum of money may sound very daunting; however SNAP will always be on hand to offer guidance and assistance in any way that we can. The following points aim to give tips and advice on effective fundraising techniques which you may find useful. SNAP will assist in any way that we can, especially by helping you to promote your fundraising events through the local media. For further information, please contact

SNAP will send you out any fundraising aids that you may require such as collections buckets and bibs, etc. A fundraising agent will be available to assist with large fundraising events.


Friends and family may be one way to raise money. Your place of work is another potential avenue to check out. Also, the local Pub, Club, Supermarket, Newsagent, Chemist. In fact, anyone you know. However for larger donations you could ask local businesses for sponsorship. SNAP will supply a ‘Letter of Authorisation’ and sponsorship cards to prove your fundraising is authentic. Placing sponsorship cards in your local shops and pubs may also prove beneficial.

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some ideas for fundraising. There are many more!

Talent Contest

This will require a lot of advertising and you may like to contact our Fundraising Agent for advice or support on the evening. If you have a good relationship with your local pub, this will help you enormously, as the pub may not charge for room hire and will possibly supply the music / band for the evening. You could try to get the small prizes for the winner(s) donated from local shops. A key point to remember that the most successful fundraising events happen when people are having fun! To maximise your fundraising efforts, place collection buckets around the pub too. For added effect, this night could be combined with the Trad Trip and head shaving.

Coffee Morning

Contact your local restaurant, pub or community centre to see if they will host a coffee morning free of charge. They might also donate the tea, coffee and cakes. Place posters or notices in your local shops and inform your family and friends. Then on the morning, charge a small entry fee and place collection buckets at the till points.

Head Shave/Leg Wax

Encourage friends that are game for a laugh to help out with this. Lots of people will pay to see their friend shave off their beard, hair or get their legs waxed. Ask the person involved to get sponsored too. Word of mouth is a powerful communications tool. If your friend volunteers to get their head shaved, remember that they will ask their friends and family for donations as well as your donations from your friends and family. The number of people that will be interested will soon increase as word of mouth spreads. Your local pub will be a good location for events like this, as landlords rarely pass up on the opportunity for a packed pub on a week night! Advertise in the usual way, posters / notices in you local area and don’t forget your local media. SNAP will assist in any way that we can.

Trad Trip

If you know any local musicians, this is a very successful and entertaining evening. The Trad trip involves musicians being escorted in a tractor through the town(s) and then the final stop will be in your local pub. Collections can be made in the various towns along the way.


Local supermarkets, church gates and shopping centres are prime locations for collections. S.N.A.P. will supply the collection buckets and bright bibs for added effect. Enlist the help of you family and friends.

Jumble Sale

A great way to get rid of that junk, whilst at the same time raising funds. This works particularly well if you hold them at local schools, church halls or community centres. They could even be combined with a fun day or cake sale.

Table Quiz

Set a date in you local pub or GAA club and encourage your friends and family to buy a table – one team per table (four people) and try to get the prizes donated. Use your local media and local businesses / shops to advertise the event. To help you think of questions use the Internet, encyclopaedias, newspapers and magazines. Try to keep the questions entertaining and fun. Use music as well as questions and divide the questions into topics to keep the night interesting.


These can be organised through your local school, church or social meeting. Try to obtain donated gifts from local businesses and shops. Raffles work very well on fun days and jumble sales.

Football Match

Five a side or 11 a side football matches are very effective and fun if you can find the people to play. Your local school or football club may donate the pitch time for free and advertise the charity football match for you. Each team player will have to pay a nominal fee and they can also obtain sponsorship. Try to get the trophies / prizes donated for the winning team. You could also incorporate a BBQ and a raffle for added affect. Ask your local butcher and supermarket to donate the food.


If you, or someone you know is trying to lose weight, an effective incentive is to get sponsored for the amount of weight lost, for instance, a euro for a kilo (or so) lost.

Fun Day

In conjunction with your local school or club you could organise a fun day with a raffle, cake sale, sponsored sporting events, jumble sale, etc.

Bowling Night

Your local bowling alley should be able to accommodate you for a bowling night and might even give you concessions.

Bag Packing in the Local Supermarket

Contact your local supermarket to see if they will allow you to pack the customers bags. Bring along your friends and family and have a collection bucket at each Checkout Counter. Just see the money add up.

Race Night

A Race Night is great entertainment. There are various companies who will arrange the Video Tapes of the Races and set up the Tote for your ‘punters’. A Raffle on the night can also raise additional funds.

Golf Classic

Check with your local Golf Club and see if the Members will play a 4-ball Charity Day, or run your own Golf Charity Classic.


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