Cerebral Palsy


Our son Alex is 11 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and a developmental delay. Like most parents we awaited Alex’s arrival with joy as he was our first child. I didn’t drink or smoke and I attended all appointments and did pre-natal classes but you never think anything can go wrong […]


“Well what are we talking about here quality of life or quantity?” That was the question we asked Professor Bryan Lynch consultant Neurologist at Temple Street Hospital on 14th November 2002. His response, “I really can’t tell you”. That was the 1st day our lives changed forever. Let us backtrack a little here. Our son […]


“Is there a history of twins in your family?” the nurse asked. I was 13 weeks pregnant and having my first scan. The question did not register with me at first as I had been nervous and was just so delighted to have seen the baby moving. My husband Jim understood straight away what the […]

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