Dundalk Sports Centre summer camps – multi-abilities

Super Abilities Camp! #1                             July 4-6th 10-3pm

Super Abilities Camp! #2                             August 1-3rd 10-3pm

Athletics For All Sports Day            July 25th 10-3pm (one day camp/event)

Super Abilities Camp! will consist of a range of different sports and activities, from key sports to activities like table cricket, boccia, foam ball soccer, target games, obstacles, wheelchair basketball etc….plus they will have many of the NGBs on board, including Volleyball (sitting Volleyball), Badminton, athletics, GAA etc) so it will be a packed few days, yet plenty of room for those that need breaks throughout the day. With having both the indoor and outdoor facility, these will be awesome camps!

The Athletics For All will be like sports day, but with the introduction to the main track and field events. Almost like a come and try event. It will be open to all ages. So this will be kids and adult events. It will be a great day, with more information to follow. The DSC now has full time staff down at the track and plenty of new equipment, including wheelchair racers, like the ones used in Paralympics!


Each camp will be for children ages 6-16 yrs, all abilities welcome. The only restriction is that if a child needs 1-1 care on regularly basis, then they will need a carer/parent to be with them at the camp. If a child is able to interact and be in group settings like this with the care of coaches and staff only, a ratio of 1:10 (1 coach to 10 children) as a minimum but more than likely their ratios will be lower as they will have plenty of help. Forms will be filled in prior to camp with all details so they can insure the right staff.

Siblings are welcome too and prices haven’t been agreed on yet. More info to follow. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!