Airbound afternoon!

Airbound are holding a fundraiser for SNAP on Friday, 29th June! It will be between 4 and 8pm. There will be a list of all SNAP members at the door and each SNAP child will get in free! Their sibling (s) will be €7 each, which include time in Airbound, a snack box from Mullens and a tea or coffee for their mum or dad! If any child has their own Airbound socks, they can wear them or Airbound are doing a once-off deal of €1 per pair for this afternoon!

This fabulous event will also be open to non SNAP members, (but the family must have a child with additional needs) if they want more information about SNAP or want to meet another family with additional needs to network and connect.

There will be a donation bucket on each table and people are invited to bring buns or goodies to share!

(Unfortunately, due to Health & Safety, children under the age of 5, cannot go in to the Airbound trampolines, but they can use the soft play area in the front section.)

There’ll be more information to follow – keep watching!