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Privacy Policy

We at ‘SNAP – Special Needs Active Parents’ and ‘’ regard the privacy of those who use Snap Ireland’s website as very important. We have created this Privacy Policy to explain what personal information we collect about you and the purposes for which we may use such personal information. We will always treat your personal information with respect, as well as handling it in accordance with the law.

By submitting personal information to us you consent to our collection and use of it as set out in this Privacy Policy and (unless otherwise indicated) are opting to be added to our postal and electronic mailing lists.

If at any point you do not wish to be included on our mailing lists, please inform us by emailing the webmaster at [email protected] and you will be removed as soon as possible. Alternatively, search for the “unsubscribe” link in the footer of the email.

Who are we?

SNAP – Special Needs Active Parents is registered in the Rep. of Ireland as a charity (number CHY 16356) and are solely a voluntary organisation.

Special Needs Active Parents was initially set up after a group of parents enquired about establishing swimming lessons for children with Special Needs back in June 04. These parents got to know each other at different early intervention sessions (i.e. Physiotherapy, Feeding Clinics etc.) held at Early Intervention Services, HSE/NE. Mounthamillton House, Carrick Road, Dundalk. After consultation with Aura at the local swimming pool, weekly sessions were organised on Friday mornings.

Funding for the twenty six week sessions was provided by the North Eastern Health Board to whom we are grateful and are hoping to work closer with them in the future.

It was felt at the time that this success needed to be built upon and the group started meeting more regularly, exploring new ideas and potential fundraising events for finance. It was also crucially important for the group that relationships were built between the various service providers and Snap to help create collaborative strategies for improving services and opportunities for our children. The group has been successful in attracting more and more members and a more secure foundation was needed to help develop the group.

What information do we collect from visitors to Snap Ireland’s website?

We collect information from you if you choose to contact us with an enquiry or if you fill in one of the forms displayed on Snap Ireland’s Website. The information we collect includes your contact details (such as name, postal address and email address) together with other information that you provide to enable us to respond to your enquiry. You warrant that any information you supply to us is accurate and up-to-date, that you will inform us if any such information requires updating and that if you submit personal information about a third party to us you have that third party’s permission to do so.

How do we use your personal information?

As well as dealing with your enquiries, we may use your personal information to provide you with details of the services we offer, changes to Snap Ireland’s Website, fundraising and other campaigns we are running and other information about SNAP – Special Needs Active Parents and its activities which we think you may find of interest. We may send you this information by post or email. We will always give you the opportunity of opting out of receiving such communications from us each time we contact you. If you do not wish to receive this information please email us at [email protected]

To whom will we disclose personal information?

Unless otherwise stated, we will only share personal information about you with third parties who are directly involved in dealing with your enquiry or where we are legally required to do so. If we enter into a joint venture with or merge with another organisation, your information may be disclosed to our new partners.

We will not otherwise sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties. We disclose aggregate statistics about those who use Snap Ireland’s Website and related information to third parties but these statistics do not include information which could enable you to be identified.

How do you access the personal information we hold about you?

To obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you please email the webmaster at [email protected] with details of your request. As soon as we are satisfied as to your identity we will send you a copy of the personal information requested which we hold about you and which we are legally required to disclose. We may ask you to pay a fee, which we will ask for as soon as practicable following receipt of your request. Please contact us at the same address if you have any reason to believe that information we hold about you is inaccurate.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server (such as that used to run Snap Ireland’s website) to an individual’s computer which are then stored on that computer’s hard drive. We use cookies and similar tracking devices to identify when a visit from a user of your computer is made to Snap Ireland’s website, to keep track of your browsing patterns, to enable Snap Ireland’s Website to operate properly and to help us to optimise the content of the website. Most browsers allow you to prevent cookies being stored on your computer: if you want to know how to do this please look at the Help menu on your browser. Please note that doing so may restrict your ability to use Snap Ireland’s Website.

What about third party websites that you can access via Snap Ireland’s website?

Snap Ireland’s website contains links (either as hypertext links or behind banner advertisements) to other websites which provide information or are able to supply goods or services to you. These websites are outside our control and are not covered by this Privacy Policy. If you access other websites using the links provided, the operators of those websites may collect personal information from you which should be used in accordance with their respective Privacy Policies which you should read. We are not liable for the practices of such third party website operators in respect of your personal information.

Security of your information

We keep secure records which contain personal information about you in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. No information transmitted via the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure during transmission: we cannot warrant the security of any information you transmit to us before we receive it. It is also possible that the information you provide to us will be temporarily transferred via a route outside the European Economic Area as it passes between you and us.

We will retain your information for a reasonable period or as long as the law requires. Please note that in accordance with our security procedures we may request proof of your identity before disclosing personal information to you.

What if you apply to become a member of Snap?

This Privacy Policy covers the personal information you submit to us in relation to your use of Snap Ireland’s website only. If you apply to become a member of Snap (Special Needs Active Parents) we may ask you to agree to the terms of a separate Data Protection Consent.

What if you use one of our services advertised on Snap Ireland’s Website?

This Privacy Policy does not deal with how we will handle information we collect from you in the course of providing a service to you. We will tell you how we intend to handle such information at the time you ask us to provide the service.

What if you make a donation online?

If you make a donation online using the links provided on Snap Ireland’s eebsite you will be transferred to a secure server operated by a third party payment processor. That payment processor will collect your credit card, debit card or (if paying by direct debit) bank account details along with other information in order to process your donation. The information you provide when donating online or by any other method listed on Snap Ireland’s website will only be used in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

How will you know if we make any changes to this Privacy Policy?

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes to the way in which we use your personal information we will notify you by posting a notice on the homepages of the Snap Ireland’s Website. You can view the current version of our Privacy Policy at any time by clicking on the link in the menu while on any page of Snap Ireland’s website.

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